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Faye Kabisote is the fairy housewife of Enteng Kabisote. Originally known as Princess Chlorateam, Faye is the mortal name that she used when she married Enteng. She is the sole heir of Inang Reyna Magenta for the throne of Lireo. 

After her marriage, Faye limited her use of her magic powers to cope with Enteng's normal life. Initially, it was very difficult for her to live her new life, but with the love and support of her husband, she adjusted well.

There had been several actresses (and in one instance, an actor) who portrayed this role. When the show started, it was newcomer Alice Dixson who played Faye. She left the show 2 years after and was replaced by model turned actress

Tweetie de Leon as Faye

Tweetie de Leon. She stayed with the show for 4 years until she got married. She also starred in its first 2 movie franchises, Okey Ka, Fairy ko!, The Movie, and Okey Ka, Fairy ko!, The Movie Part 2. During the transition, actor Roderick Paulate, known for his comedic gay roles, filled the spot. After Tweetie de Leon left the show and TAPE Inc. transferring to a different channel (GMA Network), Faye's character was absent for 2 months. She returned to the show being portrayed by a new actress, Dawn Zulueta. She stayed with the show until it ended airing.

Kristine Hermosa as Faye

Kristine Hermosa played the role of Faye in the four movie installments of Enteng Kabisote, Okey ka, fairy ko!: The Legend. Gwen Zamora played the role of Faye in "Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote" and continued to play the role in the subsequent sequels "Enteng ng Ina Mo" and "Si Agimat, si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako"'.